PT102: Intermediate Potions

Intermediate Potions Information

This is an intermediate level course for those students who may have already taken a potions course or who have a background in potions brewing. During this course students may review beginners level potions work as well as potions safety, and then will also learn and practice brewing three (3) intermediate level potions taught over the course of several lessons. This course is worth one (1) quill, which is awarded upon successful completion of all of the lessons required by the professor.

Potions Taught

During this term you will learn the following information related to potions as well as brew the three (3) potions listed below. These are each done in separate lessons and will be worth a point amount specified by the professor teaching the class at the time, students must complete a certain number of lessons to earn a quill for this class.

The following are the library pages needed for this class:

Additional information may be provided by the professor teaching the course, however all information will be able to be found in the Hogwarts Online Library.

Class Requirements

There are no courses required to take this class, it is open to all students from 2nd Yearon upward; it is recommended that students take Basic Potions before they take this course to have a basic understanding of potion making and dealing with issues in brewing.