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You have just gotten your acceptance letter to Hogwarts, how do you react?
You are in awe and wonder, but a feeling of excitement and yearning for adventure fills you.
You start planning a prank for your first day there with the best friends you are sure you will make.
You begin wondering if you can get all of your books early to begin studying before anyone else.
You smirk and crumple up the letter ready for the train ride already and sure that you will be popular right off.

While on the train to Hogwarts you buy plenty of sweets you see the others in the compartment who did not buy any eyeing them, what do you do?
Smile brightly and offer to share.
Scoff at how poor the other's are and eat the sweets smugly.
Offer to share while giving out facts about all of the sweets.
Nothing you're the one looking at the sweets.

The sorting hat is placed on your head as you sit there you do what?
Tell the hat where you're going to be and wait for it to announce it.
Nothing, you already know where you're going.
Begin thinking of all the knowledge you are going to gain this term and wait patiently for the hat to make a choice.
Beg the hat to put you in anything but Slytherin.

The second week of term someone steals all of the socks from your dorm mates and youserlf, what do you do?
Scoff and owl home for your Mum and Dad to buy you more socks and send them immediatelly.
Make a full plan and then laugh an investigation to find the socks.
Hide the socks you stole, and then forget about them.
Gallantly rally the troops and go on a mad sock hunt through the castle.

A friend has run up to you crying, you have no idea the reason and you do what?
Worry about them and go tell them to talk to a Professor.
Ask what happened and if they need help.
Hug them and pat them awkwardly assuring them it is going to be okay.
Tell them to calm down and tell you who to go after.

It is time to find a date for a ball, what do you do?
Wait until the last minute and just ask the first person you see on the way to the dance.
Figure out who would look best on your arm out of everyone and then ask them sure they will say yes.
Shout down the tables in the middle of lunch at a fellow class mate to go with you.
Do nothing you will have admirerers lining up to go with you.

You find a Galleon on the ground and pick it up then you?
Pick it up and look around for whoever dropped it.
Place it back on the ground for the next person to find.
Don't touch it because it isn't yours.
Pocket it and be done with it, one Galleon richer.

While in Transfiguration your friend turns their tea cup into a giraffe and not a mouse as intended, what do you do?
Start laughing outrageously with them and point at the giraffe.
Nothing because you are the one who just made a giraffe.
Make a snarky comment and continue on with your own work ignoring them and the giraffe.
Fix their mistake and then start teaching them how to do it right.

The Chamber of Secrets has been opened to be cleaned out and changed into something more suitable after a hundred years, what do you do?
Claim to be the Heir of Slytherin.
Begin telling everyone a basilisk is going to freeze and then eat them.
Logically point out that no one would have been able to sneak a basilisk in because of all the protection after the first opening of the Chamber.
Very little as it does not interest you in the slightest if the castle gets a remodel in one chamber.

You are finally finished with school and about to go out into the world and make your way, how do you feel?
Excited and ready to begin the next great adventure and make a name for yourself.
Nothing because you already know you will get the top job offers and be ahead of the game.
Confident in the knowledge you have gained and ready for the journey.
Satisfied and ready to go make new friends in a new place.

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