How do I register for Hogwarts Online?

To register an account for Hogwarts Online you simply go to the Sorting Quiz, and fill out the forms completely then answer the questions provided, and agree to our terms and conditions. Once this is done then your account will automatically be created both in our office and on the forums and you will be redirected to the forums page. You will receive a general welcome letter as well as one from your Head of House giving you further information to help you begin your magical journey with us.

How do I claim my celebrity play-by?

To claim your celebrity, simply visit the Character Claim. The link to the Character Claim as well as all of the other character related claims areas can be found under the member controls on the right hand side of the forum, under the Character Resources toggle located there. This not only includes the claims, but the ability and other various walls used to promote character development.

How do I earn points for my house?

There are a number of different ways you can earn points for your house, the main ways are through classes and Roleplay Challenges. Professors will also award points as they see you doing good deeds, just as they will take points away if you are found to be breaking the rules, or doing bad deeds both in classes and out. Roleplay Challenges can be completed as many times as you wish for 25 points per challenge.

What spells can I use when roleplaying?

The complete Official Spells List can be found here, this list shows a break down of which spells each year can perform, as well as which spells adults can perform. The Unforgivable Curses are forbidden from being used without permission from an administrator, the only exception to this are the Death Eaters, who are permitted to use The Unforgivable Curses on other as long as they have permission from the other characters writer.

How many characters can I have in total?

You can have a many total characters as you feel you can keep active. There are no limits on the numbers of students you can make, however you may only have one (1) of each of the following types of characters at a time, to have additional characters in these groups you need permission from the administrative team:
  • Professor
  • School Staff
  • Ministry Official
  • St. Mungo's Healer
Otherwise you may have as many students, shopkeepers, dark wizards, etc. as you feel you can handle keeping active. That is all up to each member, some members only want to play one (1) character, others want to play ten (10) - so it is up to each individual what they can handle and would like to have.

Where can I get graphics for my character?

You can get graphics for your character either on the forums through Graphics Central or through resource forums such as the following resource forums, these two come highly recommended from the Administrative team for graphics and graphics resources if you wish to have work done by an artist other than the forum members

Does my play-by have to be over 13 years old?

No, play-bys do not have to be over thirteen (13) years old.

This is most frequently asked because of a rumor that went around many different resource and roleplay forums, but the fact is it is not true. While some child stars parents have stated they would prefer that their children's images not be used in roleplaying, there is no law against it and we do allow you to use child stars faces. The only limitation is they may not be used in a sexually suggestive way, or in a graphic with sexual themes.